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School Prom Limousine Services for Coventry Warwickshire

Whether you have loved it or hated it, you only leave school once and more students are taking the chance to go out in style at their final year school prom. Tuxedos and ball gowns are the order of the day but arriving in a normal car just doesn’t give you the chance to make the most of your grand entrance.
We understand the importance of image and can ensure that your arrival will not be missed. Our gleaming white stretched limousine stands out from the crowd and when your uniformed chauffeur opens the door for you, you can be assured that your entrance will be in film star style.

We will arrive at your home in plenty of time for photos before you leave and, if required, at the end of the evening will drop you at your door and wait until you go inside to ensure your safety.
With room up to 16, the cost can be shared out making the event affordable for you. If distance and timings are right, it can be possible to take two parties in which case a discount can be offered.


school prom limousine

Then help yourselves to drinks from the bar and settle back with a selection of music or DVD's and start your party in real style as your uniformed chauffer drives you around for an hour pose and cruise before delivering you and your guests at your destination on time and ready to party! We can also provide a return journey at the end of your evening to take you to an after party or home if you require.